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Making magic with these beautiful Rainbow Mystic Quartz crystals💖🌈✨
#emptycasket #crystals #rainbow #mystic #quartz #pretty

Oh wow, those are pretty!

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Binairy Talk

Installation by Niklas Ißelburg and Jakob Kilian uses controlled smoke to relay a binary message from one computer to another - video embedded below:

The interactive installation “Binairy Talk” uses smoke signs to transmit digital data. Air serves as the communication medium for binary code, as a carrier of data and information across a distance. The hidden processes of the digital world are transfered into the analog world whereby the apparent immateriality and infallibility of the computer language is overcome.

More Here

Digitized smoke signals? Now that is awesome!

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Everyone should take the time to watch this. It’s really good.

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finally found my Dune Fox reference pictures :p


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Someone’s remaking System Shock 2 on CryEngine

Anyone else got a boner?

I want it!

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So I decided to m-m-make a few improvement-t-t-ts to SHODAN’s Citadel Station face….

I was inspired by a few pictures in the SHODAN tag that abstracted her face down to the data lines on the System Shock 2 design, and kind of went in the direction of that, and that one Olmec-styled picture someone dropped in there a while back.

This was done as an overpaint on top of a layer with the original image underneath, so I could keep the general shape of her face. I tried my best to keep those lovely thick dark lips of hers though, and while the art is all painted and sort of organic, I mirrored the sides it to keep a synthetic vibe to it.

Can you animate it like the one from System Shock 2?

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…Is it something I must see? If not, I would encourage you to quickly dispose of it in an ethical and respectful manner. Bodies decay much quicker then you would think. It makes a mess and begins to smell and attract maggots in the first couple of days. 

Oh you…

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Cool Jesus at Chicago pride

Cool Jesus is the best Jesus.

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YTP Collaborations.

I participated in a bunch of YTP collabs, I embedded them below if anyone wants to watch them: